Meet The Band

​​ The ACB formed in 2011. Since then, they have played numerous venues and festivals all over the UK - everywhere from Northampton to Colne, and all points in between...
There have been a few changes to the line up over the years, but the core philosophy has remained the same.  
With influences from Janis Joplin, Dusty Springfield, Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald, to Robert Plant, Paul Rodgers and Ronnie James Dio, Amelia refuses to be pigeon-holed into one musical genre and continues to develop and explore the full extents of her vocal range; from powerful rock, through sultry jazz, to soulful blues.
Amelia Carter - Vocals & Guitar

Amelia's very first public performance was a solo a cappella version of 'You Are My Sunshine' at the tender age of 5. She was classically trained as a violinist from the age of 8 and played in the Sheffield Youth Orchestras throughout her school years. She studied music at college and while there also attained a distinction at Grade 8 on the violin.

However, she had always wanted to play electric guitar, and after much pleading was given her first guitar for her 12th birthday - her much-cherished black acoustic guitar. She taught herself to play on the instrument and was given her first electric guitar - her trusty JV series Strat - at age 14. A rock band in school soon followed but it wasn't until she was 18 that she had her first professional gig, when she became a founder member of the blues band Green Onions. She played for them until they disbanded in 2011, but along the way has been involved in various other musical projects, including a brief stint as a guitarist for a funk band.

In 2007 she joined rock blues band Fade 2 Black and played with them up until the summer of 2010 but after having worked in other people's bands for so many years, she felt it was finally time to form her own band in order to fully explore all the kinds of material she truly wanted to do - and so the Amelia Carter Band was born! 
Andy Watson - Guitar

Coming from over the border, Andy has been on the periphery of the Sheffield music scene. After the usual school rock bands, his first serious band was Chesterfield-based 'The Amazing Green Albino Band', which was started while Andy was still in the 6th Form. Music has always been a huge priority for Andy. While studying at Manchester University, he regularly used to make the journey from Manchester to Chesterfield for rehearsals - often lugging his guitar and amp on and off trains to do so!

His first working rock band was Jeddah, formed in the early 80s. After this, Andy became immersed in the folk scene, working with various dance teams such as Feet First and Little Big Feet. He also played with several folk groups, including Lightening & Rainbows and Voxbox. Until recently, he was still an active member of the highly experienced Derbyshire electric ceilidh band, Some Like It Hot.

Andy returned to blues and rock in the late 90s when he followed drummer John Scott to Eric And The Bullfrogs, which was fronted by the charismatic and much missed Steve Wade. After Steve sadly passed away, The Bullfrogs disbanded. By this time, John had been playing for a well-known Sheffield blues group who were then looking for a new guitarist, and so John gave Andy a call. This band was of course Green Onions - and where Andy first met Amelia...and the rest is history....
Mark Potter - Bass

Mark was born many years ago in a southern town called Brentwood. By the age of 8 years he was destined to become a naturalised Yorkshire person as he refused to wear Burberry hats or eat eel and mash pie.

Now residing in Chesterfield, he has spent all of 10 years mastering the 4 strings of the bass guitar having failed to count beyond this number.
He first “cut his teeth” in a band playing lead for a soul and rock band but was drawn to learn the bass to avoid the limelight.

Mark has played in the rock covers band “Stumble” for the past 8 years as their bassist and pet, but now looking for more excitement and a hunger for new tunes to play, Mark was eager to join the Amelia Carter Band as the vacancy for a new house-trained bass player emerged.
​​Andy Blakemore - Drums

Andy B. is the newest  hapless victim member of the ACB....up to this point, he remains a riddle wrapped in an enigma, with his origins shrouded in mystery...some say he's the leader of a violent biker gang...some say he's running from his past as  the Capo di tutt'i capi of an obscure Mafia family... all we know is that he has the shiniest cymbals we've ever seen.. maybe one day, we'll know his true story.. watch this space...

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