• What sort of music do you play?

We play a diverse range of rock, blues, jazz, and pop classics. We guarantee there will be something for everyone to enjoy, and we can tailor our repertoire to suit your event. We also offer an acoustic set for a quieter or more intimate setting.

  • How far will you go for a gig?

In principle, anywhere, but there may well be a cost implication.

  • Do you play for parties?

Yes please, we love to play at parties, weddings, corporate events... in fact, all manner of festive functions!

  • What about posters?

We normally send out four high quality glossy A4 posters (landscape orientation) a fortnight before a gig. Please let us know if you require more or a different format, (e.g. larger size, portrait orientation etc) and we'll do our best to accommodate.

  • How long will you play for?

We normally play two 45-50 minute sets, but we are quite flexible about this and are happy to arrange the number of sets and their duration to suit your requirements.

  • Do you have PA and lights?

Yes, but please let us know if you have your own. It may be more convenient to use your equipment and save valuable setting up time.

  • Do you play for charity?

Yes, we're always happy to do a set for a fundraising event, as long as it fits in with our schedule.

  • Do you play open mic nights?

Unfortunately, we have a very busy schedule and so don't have time to attend open mic nights.

  • How do I book you to play at my event?

Check the gig diary to see if we are free and then drop me a line at ameliacarterband@gmail.com. Generally, we prefer not to play gigs on consecutive nights. Bear in mind that I would still have to check the availability of my boys before confirming any dates.

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